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May 01, 2010 - AL&T Online Magazine
FY10 Enhancements Expected for SIF
September 18, 2009 - Army.mil
Warfighter support operation wins Knowledge Management award
July 20, 2009 - Army AL&T Online
Developers of 'lifeline from the front' receive award
July 01, 2009 - Army AL&T Online
PEO C3T Equips, Trains, and Supports U.S. Army in Afghanistan
July 01, 2009 - RUSI C4ISTAR
MG Justice writes about Single Interface to the Field Adapting Process in C4ISR Capabilities
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Did You Know?
  • 071910_symbolic_timeline_thumbs_0038_1971.jpg1971 – Symbolic Designs and develops an IMSSymbolic Systems designs and develops an international messaging system using PDP 11 for ITT Telecommunications. This was the first time DEC equipment was used for a messaging tape system.

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