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Frank Ponzio Speaks at MIT Data Quality Conference

At the invitation of Professor Richard Wang, Conference Chair and head of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Total Data Quality Management Program, Frank Ponzio was a featured speaker at the International Conference on Information Quality held at MIT, Cambridge, MA, held November 6-8, 2004. The conference provides a forum for both researchers and practitioners to exchange information, quality knowledge, and ideas and learn from each other.

Mr. Ponzio presented and discussed his white paper, “Authoritative Data Source (ADS) Framework and ADS Maturity Model©” via a case study. These are processes designed for organizations that rely on external information to help mitigate both the risks of importing and of disseminating bad data. The ADS Framework provides the methodology for data providers and consumers to analyze, review, and adjudicate data before it is disseminated. The ADS Maturity Model provides a construct in which metrics can be applied by those with a stakeholder interest in the data.

The study showed how the ADS Framework and ADS Maturity Models are being used as part of the US Army’s fielding of the digital weapons. Mr. Ponzio is the founder and president of Symbolic Systems, Inc. Symbolic has been heavily involved in the Army’s efforts to produce initialization data for the digitized weapons systems now being deployed. Mr. Ponzio highlighted how the Army has integrated these data quality processes into their operating procedures to improve the accuracy of addressing and networking information for routing communications and command and control information via a battlefield tactical internet.

The network and addressing information is provided by a number of sources within the Army and DoD to the group in charge of providing the initialization data loads. In order to produce the data loads for the various digitized battlefield systems, the information is imported into a database, manipulated and enhanced, and then exported in a number of different file formats with different field and attribute requirements to meet the unique requirements of the individual weapons system. The ADS Framework and ADS Maturity Model are employed to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data provided by external sources and to confirm the quality of the data produced prior to disseminating data loads for the battlefield systems.

Symbolic Systems is active in the area of data quality. Mr. Ponzio has three data quality patents pending and reviews data quality articles for MIT’s Total Data Quality Management Program. The company offers a number of data quality services to both the government and industry. In addition to consulting, the company provides data quality analysis and metrics reporting using its web-based DATAMRI® service suite.

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  • 071910_symbolic_timeline_thumbs_0010_2004.jpg2004 - Symbolic expands personnelSymbolic Systems expands personnel in Virginia and Texas to support the US Army.

Symbolic Activities