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Frank Ponzio speaks at CISA

Frank Ponzio Jr., President and CEO of Symbolic Systems Inc., Summit, NJ presented a brief on June 12, 2003, about data quality and how Symbolic’s DATAMRI® data quality service would be used by the Department of Defense (DoD) for its DARS (Data Architecture Repository System) project. The presentation was given at the CISA Worldwide Conference held in Miami, FL June 9 – 12, 2003 to the Department of Defense, Military Joint Commands, and Military service members involved in developing architectures for weapons systems.

DATAMRI is a web-based data verification and validation system that also provides metrics for data quality management. It includes analysis capabilities, such as content, structure, contrast, correlation, and root cause, which allow cooperative organizations to measure the quality of data that they are exchanging. This type of service will be extremely valuable within DoD because it will ensure data interoperability between the systems (and their associated databases) being developed by different military branches, by different organizations within branches, and by our allies.

Mr. Ponzio’s briefing followed the introductory remarks of Truman Parmele, a Deputy CIO in DoD and Director of the DARS project, in which the project and DATAMRI’s value to the project were outlined. DARS will be a repository where all DoD, Joint Command, and services will store copies of their architectures so that others may access them. DATAMRI will be used, in part, to confirm that information being uploaded to DARS meets pre-set criteria for completeness and meets DoD-wide architecture framework requirements.

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Symbolic Activities