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Symbolic Helps DoD Systems Architects

Throughout DoD, weapons systems are developed using the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF). This framework helps ensure that systems developed by different organizations are interoperable in the battlefield by enforcing the use of a data model, the Core Architecture Data Model (CADM). Within the CADM, all entities that might be included in a system are defined.

Symbolic Systems has been active in this area, providing both the Army and DoD with a number of services. The company manages a portal, open to all data-based architects, that includes the following components:

  • The CADM Metadatabase: Users can access the metadatabase and perform online analysis of the data. Users can download parts or the entire database on their computers. It also allows users to analyze the Reference Tables and the Domain Tables.
  • A Document Repository: Users can view the most updated documents, including those relating to the most recent logical and physical models, and download them to their computers.
  • System Architecture Analyses: Comparisons between architecture products and the model, versions of the model, and other analyses performed using Symbolic’s DATAMRI® service are posted for viewing and downloading. Users can also request comparative services.
  • System Data Repository: Information related to the Army’s Signal Center Master Tables, including version comparisons, are provided to users.

Symbolic also offers call center support to portal users.

Symbolic Systems is active in the area of data quality. The company’s president, Frank Ponzio, has three data quality patents pending and reviews data quality articles for MIT’s Total Data Quality Management Program.

The company offers a number of data quality services to both the government and industry. In addition to consulting, the company provides data quality analysis and metrics reporting using its web-based DATAMRI® service suite.

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Symbolic Activities