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Symbolic at the Biometric Consortium

Establishing an individual’s identity with absolute conviction and being able to link that person to past aliases or activities is a critical capability that will not only serve the Soldier and its joint forces, but all U.S. government agencies. To help facilitate this effort, Symbolic Systems, Inc. demonstrated a featured exhibit at the 2010 Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo. 

“We at Symbolic are very excited to have participated in the Biometrics Consortium Conference.  Our participation identified Symbolic as a strong player in the Biometrics space.  It gave us a forum to demonstrate our extensive data knowledge and experience, and allowed us to show how our services can be a significant value add to both existing and future projects.” –Chris Ceravolo Technology Manager of Symbolic Systems, Inc.

The conference was held on 21-23 Sept. at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Fla. Supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Security Agency, the Biometrics Consortium Conference is focused on Biometric Technologies for Defense, Homeland Security, Identity Management, Border Crossing and Electronic Commerce. The Biometric Technology Expo showcased technology exhibitors displaying a wide range of hardware and software solutions to meet  biometric and identity management challenges such as facial, signature, and DNA recognition.

The Biometric Consortium provides an environment where biometric-based technology can be analyzed, explored, evaluated, researched, and displayed.

Visitors to the Symbolic Systems’ booth were briefed on data services that the company provides to include Data Management and Data Assessment. Attendees received a collection of white papers the Symbolic team has developed relative to data integration, quality, and interoperability.

Symbolic team members demonstrated two homegrown biometric data tools, the Biometrics Data Knowledge Base (BDKB) and the Biometrics Learning Center (BLC). Both products support data interoperability.

About the Tools

The BDKB is a virtual engineering environment that provides a repeatable, sustainable analysis process to support ongoing data architecture needs. It acts as a collaborative environment for the biometric community and an Authoritative source for Biometrics Architecture Products.

The BLC provides a hands-on learning experience using biometric collection equipment and processes. It presents users with commercially available hardware and software in an environment where they can experience the biometric operations themselves.

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Symbolic Activities